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Itf Tcc Agreement

setembro 24th, 2021 (No Comments)

The signatory association normally comes from the country where the headquarters of the advantageous shipping company of the ship is located. Often, the unions of the crew`s home nation(s) also participate in negotiations. The aim is to ensure that the agreement takes into account all national laws and practices and that crew members can […]

Ip Protection Agreement

setembro 24th, 2021 (No Comments)

You use a confidentiality agreement if you have information to give to someone, but you don`t want them to pass that information on to others. This can be done as follows: IPAG recommends the following model agreements, which can be used at different stages of technological research and commercialization. These agreements are available in […]

Insurance Affinity Agreement

setembro 24th, 2021 (No Comments)

The rules applicable to insurance agreements and commissions differ from state to state and it is therefore important to review the applicable law before entering into force with such an agreement. The supplier sells its products at lower prices because it reduces its market research expenses. It also benefits from increased customer loyalty. By […]

In Agreement With In Arabic

setembro 23rd, 2021 (No Comments)

– اِتّحاد، اِتّفَاق، اِتّفاقِيّة، اِنسِجام، اِئتِلاف، إِجماع، إصر، إِطباق، إقرار، إِلَاف، أُلفَة، أمَان، تَجَاوُب، تَسلِيم، تَطَابُق، تَعاقُد، تَفَاهُم، تَمَاثُل، تَمَشّ، تَنَاغُم، تَوَافُق، حُرمَة، ذِمّة، رِضىً، سَلاَم، صَفقَة، عَقد، عَهد، قَبَالَة، قَبُول، مُتَابَعَة، مُجَارَاة، مُشارَطَة، مُطَابَقَة، مُعَاهَدَة، مُقَاوَلَة، مُلاَءَمَة، مُواءَم، مُوَاءَمَة، مُواطَأَة، مُوَافَقَة، مِيثاق، نِسبَة، وِفَاق، وِفاقِيّ، وِئَام – 1) -harmony of people- 2) -compatibility […]

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