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If you send in your contract termination letter your current supplier will continue to supply your energy up until the day your current contract ends. If you decide to switch to a better deal your new supplier will supply you from your contract renewal date onwards. Unfortunately in many cases customers miss their renewal date, and don`t provide a supplier with a contract termination in time, or accept price increases through inertia because they’re to busy trying to run their own business. Unbelievably it is not the responsibility of the energy supplier to remind you that your energy contract is coming to an end and that you need to do a contract termination with them to avoid an automatic renewal. If a supplier does write to you it is normally to provide you with your renewal prices only, and normally after the minimum notice period has already lapsed, so you are stuck with what ever they offer you. As independent energy consultants, we use our collective buying power to get you lower prices from UK gas and electricity companies to save your business money. In short, if you do nothing you are accepting their new contract. You will not be able to shop around for a better deal instead, stuck on higher prices weather you like it or not. To prevent your current supplier from automatically renewing your contract you are required to give them a contract termination or notice of your intention to cancel your current contract when it finishes. This will need to be done in accordance with their supplied contract terms & conditions.

It is always advisable to send this contract termination letter recorded delivery, as suppliers will often claim that they haven’t received your contract termination letter. If you do not send a contract termination letter your current supplier will renew your contract on higher prices and prevent you from switching to another supplier offering a better deal. Many suppliers will also accept termination letters via email now and a simple read and delivery report ensures you have supporting evidance that they have recieved it. Bisher haben Sie von Energie zum Discountpreis profitiert. Schade, dass Sie uns verlassen und künftig nicht mehr von eprimo versorgt werden möchten. Auch im Kündigungsprozess können Sie sich auf einfache Abläufe und ausgezeichneten Service verlassen: Geben Sie einfach Ihr Kündigungsdatum an und schon leiten wir alles Weitere in die Wege. Ansonsten brauchen Sie sich um nichts kümmern. Günstiger Ökostrom für alle: Mit 100% klimaneutral erzeugtem Ökostrom aus Wasserkraft fördert eprimo aktiv die Energiewende. Entdecken Sie grüne Energie zu fairen Preisen und finden Sie den Tarif, der zu Ihnen passt. Ein Umzug ist stressig genug.

Damit Sie sich auf andere Dinge konzentrieren können, nimmt eprimo Ihnen einfach alle Formalitäten rund um Ihren Energievertrag ab. Melden Sie Ihren Umzug einfach im Kundenportal mein eprimo – und sichern Sie sich außerdem eine attraktive Prämie als Dankeschön! Although the contract price is the “carrot” when negotiating a new energy agreement please ask the company the following questions before agreeing to sign up: It is not the responsibility of the energy supplier to remind you that your energy contract is coming to an end and that you need to terminate with them to avoid an automatic renewal. Better yet, if you use our energy management services, we’ll negotiate or conduct a comparison on your behalf before the contract secured by us comes to an end. Erzählen Sie Ihrer Familie und Freunden von uns und machen Sie sie auch zu zufriedenen eprimo-Kunden. Für jede erfolgreiche Weiterempfehlung sichern Sie sich 40 Euro Prämie. You won’t be able to cancel a business energy contract (without incurring penalties at the discretion of the supplier) unless you have a valid reason for doing so – such as moving business premises.

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