Singapore And Indonesia Double Tax Agreement

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The country remained largely unscathed by the global economic crisis, which left a gap in several regional economies. Indonesia`s rich natural resources remain the main power of international conglomerates; However, the situation is gradually changing, with a focus on Indonesian consumers. Foreign direct investment rose by 27% in the first quarter of 2013 to a record 65.5 trillion rupees, or nearly $7 billion. The large population, young workforce and growing middle class are attracting investment in Indonesia. The Boston Consulting Group recently predicted that Indonesia`s middle class and affluent consumers would double to 141 million by 2020. Most importantly, the country`s unit labour costs are much lower than traditional tourist destinations such as China, India or Vietnam, as well as the recent relaxation of the licensing process and government efforts to reduce bureaucracy and improve the country`s competitiveness in manufacturing. Indonesia is becoming an important investment target in the region. Profits of a business in a contracting state are taxable only in that state, unless the company operates in the other contracting state through a business management activity located there. But only the portion of the profit actually attributable to the MOU can be taxed in the other contracting state. In determining the benefits of the MOU, all expenses and deductions that could be appropriately charged to the MOU and deductible if the MOU were an independent business and if the EP`s profits are determined to be a separate and distinct business engaged in the same or similar activities under identical or similar conditions and acting independently with the company of which it is the MOU. The mere purchase of goods or goods by an MOU for the company does not have the effect of attributing profits to this MOU.

The consideration of PE benefits must be carried out annually using the same method, unless there is a valid reason for the opposite. To the extent that the competent authority has sufficient information, the provisions of the agreement cannot infringe either the right of the contracting state or the discretion of the competent authority. Both countries use the credit method to eliminate double taxation. Singapore also grants a credit for Indonesian tax paid on profits from which dividends are paid by an Indonesian-based company to a Singapore-based company, provided that the Singapore-based company directly or indirectly owns at least 10% of the beneficial company`s share capital. Singapore and Indonesia have concluded several important agreements to remove barriers to economic cooperation and trade. These include the free trade agreement, the double taxation conventions and the bilateral investment agreement. These are briefly described below. The purpose of the DBAs is to reduce the double taxation of income in one jurisdiction that is that of a resident of another resident. The Agreement on Double Taxation between Singapore and Indonesia (DBA) provides for an exemption from double taxation in the situation in which income is taxed for both countries.

Updating the agreement reduces withholding tax on branch royalties and profits.

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