Texas Roommate Agreement

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Step 6 – An Agreement on Other Living Conditions – Enter specific information on responsibilities per roommate: dual households, co-life and housing with roommates are particularly up in parts of Texas where rents are high. Creating a rental agreement is a great way to get healthy relationships and the right rental area. A roommate contract covers more than just financial agreements; You can use a roommate agreement to set guest rules, residential arrangements, housework, noise limitations and much more. The tenant cannot transfer this agreement to third parties. Neither the tenant may sublet part of the property, nor grant a concession or licence for the use of part of the property after the application of this agreement. If a roommate contract differs from a lease, it is not designed to replace a rental siton. Rather, it is a question of defining the rights and obligations of each person. In other words, it is a complement to and not a replacement of your lease. It doesn`t have to be as long or almost; However, there are things you absolutely need to include. These items are listed below for your comfort. This article informs you of relationships with roommates if you are tenants. This article was written by Texas RioGrande Legal Aid. Since the roommate probably only occupies one room or a floor, it is important to say exactly where the smoke detector is and what type it is.

You should also list the date the smoke detector was tested and the method used. You might even want to personally show the roommate the smoke detector and have his initial as you did. Even if your roommate is a family or close friend, using a contract to establish clear guidelines will ensure that relationships remain friendly. Rent – there are different ways to decide how much each roommate expects to pay. Some roommates even choose to share or others may agree depending on the size of the room. For example, many roommate contracts provide for similar conditions: in section 92.258 of the Texas Property Code, owners are required to test all smoke detectors at the beginning of a lease agreement. Now that you add a roommate, it basically means that you have to start a new lease with that person and therefore perform tests. Keep in mind that the right to a working smoke detector cannot be cancelled by any tenant. The above instruction (or similar instruction) should be listed in fat or highlighted on land or emphasized. Sign the candidate and indicate that they know your selection criteria.

Make sure the person knows that by filling out an application, you are not guaranteeing a housing guarantee. Include a date when the application is approved or rejected, and then indicate how to draw the roommate`s attention to your decision. Many landowners underestimate the need for a roommate contract. You may think that since the original tenant has already signed a tenancy agreement, the development of a roommate contract is not necessary.

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