Davis School District Educators Agreement

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FARMINGTON — With bright pink and neon green signs that invite drivers to honk their horns, greet their arms and shout through a mini-megaphone, a few dozen teachers and community supporters gathered Friday near the Davis School District building to support educators. Johnson cites Harvard researchers who say the hybrid method could be the most dangerous way to reopen schools, because children are more likely to hang out with friends or spend the day with others on their days off. Shauna Lund, a spokeswoman for the district, says, however, that if the Davis District wants to maintain social distancing as ordered, they really had no choice but to continue with the hybrid model. “All of their plans for four and five days a week have also been approved by the Utah State Board of Education.” This model is simply not good enough for sit-in organizer Corinne Johnson. A few dozen members of their Facebook group were sitting on the lawn of the borough to demand more personal lessons. Junior and High School students in the Davis District will continue to have alternate “A Day” and “B Day” calendars. FARMINGTON – This is the first day of classes for children in the Davis School District, or at least for some children. That`s because Davis has decided that students in this neighborhood will only go to class two days a week. Firstly. “We can expect resignation if we decide to strike.

We are obviously talking about these types of issues. People want work actions, people want things to happen. For now, we just continue to work with the district as it adapts to changing conditions and needs,” she said. [We need] to be able to keep students and teachers six feet apart in the classroom, in the playground and at lunch,” Lund said. “With all our students in a school, it wasn`t possible.” Johnson believes that if educators agree that a personal school five days a week is the ultimate goal, and if the state approved that plan for other districts, it should have been an option for parents and students in the Davis School District. Earlier this summer, the borough`s plan to return to school included a traditional five-day school program of attendance classes with increased disinfection, mask wearing and social distancing, where possible. “It was very, very difficult. Originally, we were told that we should expect to do so by December. This sudden change is particularly difficult for elementary school students “who learned a week ago about the board`s plans for peer-to-face education four days a week, which was confirmed Wednesday for elementary schools,” Baker said. That`s why a group of unhappy parents staged a sit-in at Davis School District headquarters on Tuesday.

They were protesting the way the borough decided to resume classes, with some parents saying the borough could not have chosen a worse route to start the school year. Perhaps the most frustrating is the “back and forth,” as district leaders have changed school plans as more is learned about COVID-19 and public contributions have been understood, said Jennifer Baker, union representative for the American Federation of Teachers. AFT is a union that represents some teachers in the Davis District and is linked to the AFL-CIO. It was then a hybrid schedule in which students personally go to school two days a week on an alternating schedule and have online classes on Fridays. On Wednesday, the Davis School District Board of Education voted 6-1 to send elementary school students back to the classroom four days a week and maintain a hybrid schedule in high schools. . . .

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