Doha Agreement Groin Pdf

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In addition, moderate indications indicate that in athletes with groin pain due to the groin, repair of the laparoscopic hernia leads to a decrease in pain and a higher percentage of return to play than conservative treatment. Adductor longus has a proximal binding to the pubis8. Palpation of the proximal tendon can be performed easily and follows the proximal tendon with your finger, you will find the introduction9. Pain during palpation is one of the main features of adductor-related groin pain1. The proximal tendon continues superficially, with the lateral part of the tendon about 1-2.5 cm from intramuscular insertion (Figure 1)10. The entire proximal tendon is about 5.5 to 8 cm after intramuscular insertion, where it continues as an intramuscular (central) tendon.10 The total length of the proximal tendon is between 7 and 17 cm11…

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