Student Affiliation Agreement

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They are limited to the timetable of a single programme and are incorporated by reference to the membership agreement if they are not inconsistent in any way with it. Please note that, given competing deadlines and other workflow considerations, the sooner you send us an agreement for verification before the prescribed deadlines. If you have not received a substantive response within two weeks of your filing, contact our office to inquire about the status of your agreement. Thank you for your support in this regard. Office of General Counsel This liability insurance covers students designated as parties to a legal action resulting from their participation in a program that meets the criteria described above. The policy pays the amounts that the student is legally required to pay due to “bodily harm” or “property damage” covered by the policy, including related legal fees. This coverage does not compensate for the location of clinical/non-clinical training, location or host entity. This Directive does not guarantee licensed traders acting in that capacity. Required for unpaid internships requiring student liability insurance. B. Negotiated Agreements Negotiated agreements are those that are presented by the Affiliate and that may contain language that is contrary to the relevant laws of the State of Wisconsin or that are not outside of our ability to comply with it. In such cases, the risk manager will endeavor to negotiate language changes to align them with the approved affiliation agreement. If the terms of the model agreement change, please inform this office, as contractual changes require the approval of the federal prosecutor..

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