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Do you want to add a word, phrase or translation? How can I export translations to the lexical trainer? Remember that the vocabulary list is only stored in your browser. Once exported to the lexical trainer, it will be available on all devices. It should also be recalled that, since this is a treaty, THE AESA has put in place invalid clauses and may therefore contain legally invalid clauses. To distinguish one from the other, one can refer to the existence of specific laws or judgments that like what is prescribed or not by the different clauses. The characteristic of the EULA is that the purchase of the software precedes the reading of the contract and its acceptance by the user. In Italy, a dispute was opened by the judgment of the Florence justice of the peace, Dr. Lo Tufo, in the case between a buyer of a laptop and HP Italia. [2] However, in Italy, no judgment sets a precedent, but it is nevertheless important. Frequent short expressions: 1-400, 401-800, 801-1200, Miscellaneous The inability of the user to read the terms of the license agreement before purchasing the software exposes this contractual system to discussions and controversies about the validity of its terms, the method of acceptance and the terms of return and refund. This issue has gained in importance with the release of pre-installed software (OEM) on PCs from other manufacturers. The availability of alternative software that can meet the needs of the user, and inexpensive if they are not zero, makes a user have preferred solutions than those preinstalled on the PC. Therefore, you cannot accept the EULA related to the pre-installed product and activate the refund procedure.

. Another case is that of Apple, which has filed a lawsuit against Psystar, Rea over the sale of computers mounted with Mac OS X pre-installed in violation of the EULA and Apple`s copyright. It accused Apple of abusing a dominant position by claiming that today`s Macintosh were common PCs and called for mac OS X to be released into a legal headquarters. However, Pystar lost at all stages of the sentence[4] and obtained a ban on marketing its products. [5] The End User License Agreement (EULA), “End User License Agreement”, is the contract between the software provider and the end user. This agreement grants them the license to use the program under the conditions provided for in the contract. The software publisher retains the “rights” to the software it has created and does not sell the software to the user, but the “license” for the use of the software. The ITA generally covers licensing, use restrictions, warranty limitations, limitations of liability, export restrictions and, where applicable, conditions applicable to volume licences. The contract is submitted to the user either in the form of sheets in the packaging with which the program is distributed, or in electronic form during the installation phase of the program. In the case of the EULA by sheets, the acceptance of its conditions is usually provided for examination, unless the product is returned within a specified period defined in the contract.

In the case of EULA in electronic form, acceptance is made by clicking on the appropriate button on which the program will be installed. . . .

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